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Your donations help us deliver My Stuff Bags to waiting children. Please donate now or call the Foundation at 866.3MY.STUFF.

How We Do It

Los Vegas foster child receiving My Stuff BagFrom across America, hearts and hands come together for kids in need.

We’re continually surprised – and saddened – by the number of My Stuff Bags requested each year: tens of thousands, from child services agencies in every corner of the country. This only touches on the magnitude of a problem that we are confident can be solved. But we need your help. Click here to see How to Help.

It’s our goal to deliver My Stuff Bags to as many children as possible, efficiently, and in a cost-effective manner to maximize the donations of funding and “stuff” so generously provided to us by individuals, organizations and businesses nationwide. These wonderful people collect donations of funds or new children’s items from family, friends and coworkers. Many others volunteers make and send blankets. And manufacturers and other businesses often donate large quantities of certain items.

The process kicks into high gear at our Volunteer Center in Southern California, where nearly 2,000 enthusiastic volunteers each year gather to prepare and fill the My Stuff Bags during weekly “Stuffathons.” Once the duffels are packed and ready to go, they are shipped to the agencies on our waiting list, which distribute them to the children in their care.

To learn more about how we put My Stuff Bags into the hands of these deserving children, click the links to the right.

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