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Your donations help us deliver My Stuff Bags to waiting children. Please donate now or call the Foundation at 866.3MY.STUFF.

Mercer County Family Crisis Center

Mercer County Family Crisis Center
110 NW 3rd Avenue
Aledo, Il 61231
Phone  309-582-7233
Fax  309-582-5675


On behalf of the Mercer County Family Crisis Center I want to thank you and your donors for making the “My Stuff” bags available to the children that we serve.  We are a small agency located in a very rural part of Illinois.  As a result, we are occasionally overlooked by the foundations that fund larger programs.

I believe that having the “My Stuff” bags available for children who must leave their homes with very little notice, if any, is one of the best things that we can possibly provide.  These children are able to have not only their own belongings, but things that are new and just for them.

Not long ago this agency worked with a brother and sister whose father has sexually assaulted them over a period of several years.  Their mother lives in another state and as a result of the investigation, we learned that she had been acting as pimp for her children.  These children were taken from their home by child protective services. Because of the nature of the investigation they were not allowed to remove anything from their home before being immediately placed in foster care.  They were thrilled when we gave each of them a bag of their own, especially when they saw that everything in the bag was new.

Thank you for sponsoring a program this important to our children.


Marla K. Reynolds
Executive Director

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