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Your donations help us deliver My Stuff Bags to waiting children. Please donate now or call the Foundation at 866.3MY.STUFF.

Crisis Shelters Tell Us

The profound impact of My Stuff Bags upon the children who receive them is best conveyed in the hundreds of letters we receive from the crisis shelters caregivers who must rescue them. Here are just a few:

Dell Hayden Memorial Child Advocacy Center

“There are no words to describe what an experience it is to see a child light up after receiving a My Stuff Bag. It is like the sun shining through the clouds after the storm passes.”

– Rachel C. Angel, Program Director & Laura Patzner, Executive Director, Dell Hayden Memorial Child Advocacy Center



ABC Room

“He sat down and unzipped his bag – as enthusiastically as any child  on Christmas morning…He couldn’t believe he was receiving  ‘whole big bag of new stuff’ just for him.”

– Karen Forrester, Board Member, ABC Room



The Eight

“Because of My Stuff Bags Foundation and your many donors, our nonprofit can open the door to deserving people experiencing domestic hardships.”

– Alicia Hollins, Founder/CEO, The Eight



Greater Hope Foundation

“My Stuff Bags Foundation is always there for us to extend the helping hand to our children in need at a crucial moment.”

– Helena Smith, Executive Director, Greater Hope Foundation



County of Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services

“As each boy opened a bag he would show off the contents to his brothers. The oldest boy asked me why they were getting such good stuff, I responded “because you deserve it”.

– Jay Townsend, Supervisor, Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services



Salt Lake City YWCA


“On the first day of school we offered to get her a back pack and she said ‘I am ok, I have my blue bag.'”

-Kathleen Losser, Director of Children’s Services, YWCA Salt Lake City



St. Camillus School


“I know that the students were thrilled with the bags and the contents. Most had lost so much in the storm and having that bag was truly special to them.”

-Sister Agnes White, St. Camillus School

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Christ Child House

Christ Child House“One of the worst things for youth in foster care is having to move their belongings form home to home in garbage bags or plastic grocery sacks.  It is embarrassing, demeaning, and yet another reminder of how little they have in this world.”

John Yablonky, Executive Director Christ Child House


City of Davenport Police Department

City of Davenport“I cannot thank you enough, nor express how good it felt to bring clean clothes and some stuffed animals to children who were distraught and not cared for.”

– Marie Hoffmiller, Juvenile Specialist, Davenport Police Department


Mercer County Family Crisis Center

Mercer County Logo“Not long ago this agency worked with a brother and sister whose father has sexually assaulted them over a period of several years… Because of the nature of the investigation they were not allowed to remove anything from their home before being immediately placed in foster care. They were thrilled when we gave each of them a bag of their own.”

                                    – Marla K. Reynolds, Executive Director, Mercer County Family Crisis Center


South Carolina Youth Advocate Program

South Carolina Youth Advocate Program Logo“Many children that we serve come to us with very few belongings or nothing at all. These bags give them the ability to go into their new foster home with their own toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, crayons, toys and a special blanket and stuffed animal of their own.”

– Gail Cole, Development Liaison


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