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Your donations help us deliver My Stuff Bags to waiting children. Please donate now or call the Foundation at 866.3MY.STUFF.

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“Five small children arrived at our agency. They were filthy, hadn’t eaten in several hours, and three of them didn’t have shoes…”

We receive letters like this from social services agencies all the time. These are real children, the ones who were lucky enough to be rescued before something worse could happen to them. Sadly, these stories all too often fly “under the radar” and are rarely covered on the evening news.

Abused, neglected and abandoned children come from all races, ethnicities, religions and economic backgrounds. They range from newborns to teens, and live in big cities and small towns. The common thread is that they’ve all been hurt by the people who should have provided love and safety, but instead gave only fear and pain.

To learn more about the children we serve, click here to view our video.

My Stuff Bags offer these unfortunate children a more hopeful start on this next phase of their journey by giving them new belongings to replace those they were forced to leave behind, or never had to begin with. And because compassionate people nationwide make blankets or collect and send new items for the bags, and thousands of volunteers pack the duffels, My Stuff Bags provide tangible proof to these children that many people really do care about them.

The My Stuff Bags Foundation provides new belongings for children being cared for by agencies nationwide, including: child and family social services agencies, drug and law enforcement agencies, crisis shelters, shelters for battered women, homeless shelters, foster care agencies, residential care facilities, and CASA organizations (Court Appointed Special Advocates).

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